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Responsibilities of Non-profit Board Members

West Des Moines business attorney, Sam Kreamer, provides a timely and valuable business conversation about the rights and responsibilities of being a member of a non-profit board of directors.  Learn more about these responsibilities. (click to listen to podcast)

David Verses Goliath – Rights of Minority Owners

Sam Kreamer, a West Des Moines Lawyer, speaks about minority business owners having substantial rights and remedies to protect their assets.  Business law plays a role – all shareholders and members have the right to access, inspect, and copy business records.  (click to listen to podcast)

Five Things to Know About Raising Capital

To successfully raise capital, you must be prepared to do so, recognize the sources of capital, be aware of the costs of the funds, be in compliance with securities laws, and have a back end strategy.  (click to listen to podcast)

The Dynasty Family Business

If you or your family own a business there are three things you can do with it: a) close it, b) sell it to a stranger or c) keep it in the family. Here Sam Kreamer of the Kreamer Law Firm talks about how a business can be passed from one generation to the next. (click to listen to podcast)

Steps to Take When Buying a Business

Ever thought about buying a business? Here we lay out some of the important steps you need to take in order for everything to go smoothly. (click to listen to podcast)

The Last Waltz – When the Band Breaks Up

Bands break up all the time, and so do businesses. Here is some important information to know whenever your business or band “breaks up.” (click to listen to podcast)

Selling Business Stock to Outside Investors – Things You Should Know

Stocks can be tricky, and selling stocks to “outside” investors can be worrisome. Sam and Tom quell those fear by telling you exactly what you need to know. (click to listen to podcast)

This month we actually have a full video of the interview! (click here to watch the video)

Getting the Best Deal on your Business’ Lease

Sam Kreamer and Tom Kutz share the secret on how to get the best deal on a business lease. (click to listen to podcast)

Preventing a Lethal Threat to Your Business

Is your business protected from your employees? Non Compete Agreements can ensure that your products stay your profits. (click to listen to podcast)

Transferring the Family Business to Family Members

Sam Kreamer discusses how to handle the transferring and management of family owned businesses. (click to listen to podcast)

The Attorney/Client Relationship

What is an attorney/client relationship? How do you find a lawyer? And what qualities should your business law attorney have?(click to listen to podcast)

What Sort of Business Entity Should You Be?

How do you know which type of business entity fits your plans? What are the benefits and concerns for the different types? (click to listen to podcast)

Four Tips for Protecting Your Personal Assets

You’ve worked hard to earn what you have. Make sure you’re doing all you can to protect those assets. (click to listen to podcast)

Year End Actions for Business Owners

Getting ready for a new year can be overwhelming for business owners, click the link to hear our attorneys’ advice for your business. (click to listen to podcast)

Tips to Avoid a Lawsuit

Sam Kreamer and Tom Kutz share several things you can do to help you and your business avoid a lawsuit or mitigate the damage if one arises. (click to listen to podcast)

What You Need to Know Before Buying a Franchise

Choosing a franchise is no small matter, listen to hear Sam and Tom discuss important information about franchises. (click to listen to podcast)

Protecting the Business of your Business

Do you know how to protect your business’s business? What can you do to prevent theft of inventory, what about intellectual property? (click to listen to podcast)

Getting Through a Business Divorce

Attorney Sam Kreamer discusses how to prevent fall outs between business co-owners when a “business break-up” occurs. (click to listen to podcast)

What to know about Leasing in Business

Sam Kreamer and Tom Kutz were back on air to discuss the important information to know about leasing. (click to listen to podcast)

How to Avoid Problems in Buying/Selling Your Business

Click the link below to hear Sam and Tom explain how to avoid problems in buying and selling your business. (click to listen to podcast)

5 Tips for Raising Capital in Your Business

Attorneys Sam Kreamer and Tom Kutz discuss five tips that could help your business raise capital. (click to listen to podcast)

The Business of Music is Still a Business

For all the entertainment the music business brings to fans it’s still a business that is rife with challenges from ownership of creative works to formation of the band as a business. Our attorneys explain the opportunities and challenges of the business of music and performing. (click to listen to the podcast)

From Indiana Jones to Clarence Darrow-Meet Tom Kutz

He’s had an amazing journey from an archaeologist to a business lawyer. Kreamer Law Firm attorney Thomas Kutz is interviewed by Michael Libbie. (Click to listen to the podcast)

Dealing with Attorneys-Getting the Best Bang for your Buck

So, you’ve got an idea for a business, want to sell your business or perhaps you want to buy one. You know you need some help but the legal costs seem excessive. Attorney Sam Kreamer goes through the process of finding the right lawyer to fit your needs, without the added costs. (click to listen to the podcast)

Sealing the New Business Deal

If you’ve ever considered buying or owning a business, whether a start-up or an existing business, here are some things you need to think about. Sam Kreamer joines Michael Libbie to discuss these careful considerations about owning a business. (click to listen to the podcast)

Business Decisions-Who Has the Power?

There are multiple types of businesses and corporations and all require somebody to make decisions. Sam Kreamer shares his insight on who can do what when the “decision maker” is incapacitated. (click to listen to the podcast)

Estate Planning with Kreamer Law Firm

Sam Kreamer joins Michael Libbie on Insight on Business – The News Hour to discuss estate planning while answering specific questions as to why you need to start thinking about it. (click to listen to the podcast)

What Happens to Your Business If…

Sam Kreamer discusses what happens to your business if something happens to you. What should you be talking about with family, with management, with your legal representative? Some thoughtful discussion and Sam makes it easy to understand. (click to listen to the podcast)

The Indispensable Secret of Success

Attorney Sam Kreamer shares something called the “indispensable secret of success.” Here is a wide ranging conversation about business, success, and some simple tips to help make it all come together. (click to listen to the podcast)

Kreamer Law Firm – We Get Things Done ®

A conversation from the Business News Hour with Sam Kreamer of the Kreamer Law Firm of West Des Moines regarding the firms practice areas and expertise. (click to watch the video)

Done Deal: Buying and Selling a Business

Sam Kreamer discusses what it takes to buy and sell a business in today’s market as well as his Lunch and Learn event on Insight on Business – The News Hour in August 2014. (click to listen to the podcast)

What Happens to Your Business If You Die?

Sam Kreamer & Brad Neal explored the topic of what happens to your business if you die on Insight on Business – The News Hour in April 2014. (click to listen to the podcast)

Business Formation? How to Do? What Kind of Business?

Are you confused on when to form a business and what kind of business should be formed? Our attorneys explored this topic on a February 2014 appearance on Insight on Business – The News Hours. (listen to the podcast)

Why Is It Important to Choose the Right Law Firm?

Click to view this video of a radio interview we had with Micheal Libbie on Insight on Business Hour 1350 KRNT in October 2013. The interview concerns why it’s important to choose the right law firm. (view the interview)

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