Business & Corporate Law

Entity Formation

We can assist in the formation of your business entity, whether it’s a C or S Corporation, Limited Liability Company or Partnership. We can guide you through the entity formation process, including selecting the type of entity (C-corporation, S-corporation, or Limited Liability Company) which best meets your needs.

When You Die, Your Crops Don’t Have To

Are you confused about the business formation process- when to form, what type to form, etc.?

How is your business like your car, house, family & friends?

The Legal Aspects of Buying an Existing Business

Succession Planning

Planning for the future of your business is a critical responsibility of every entrepreneur. If you want to leave your business to a loved one, a business partner, or employees, we can assist in conceptualizing and drafting a Succession Plan, including the related Buy/Sell Agreements, Stock Warrants, Options, Trusts and Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOPs).

What Happens to Your Business if You Die?

Divorce and the Closely-Held Business

Merger, Acquisition and Sales

We want to facilitate your buying or selling a business to make the process as smooth as possible. We have helped complete many stock purchases and asset purchases over the years. We can provide advice and analysis in addition to preparation of any documentation needed.

Pathways to Business Ownership Change?

Memorandum on Buying a Restaurant

Contract Preparation/Litigation

The friendliest way to do business is in writing. A solid contract can help eliminate confusion and future litigation and can protect your interests in the transaction. We are happy to review your current business contracts and offer suggestions and we can also prepare contracts for those businesses starting out or finding themselves in an unusual transaction for which they do not have a contract form. For those who do find themselves in a contractual dispute, whether it be a written contract or oral agreement, we can assist you through settlement, mediation, arbitration and/or litigation of your contractual matter.

Cyclones Honor 15-year Non Compete Agreement

Are you Protected from your Best Employee becoming your Biggest Competitor?

Employment Matters

Being an employer can bring a special set of problems to your business. We can assist in matters dealing with employees, which include employment contracts, independent contractor contracts, employee handbooks, non-compete/non-solicitation agreements, deferred compensation plans, and employer tax matters.

As an Employer, What Must You Pay Your Employees?

A Costly Mistake: Are your Independent Contractors really Employees?

Tax Advice and Opinions

Sam Kreamer is an Attorney as well as a Certified Public Accountant. Sam can assist your business with issues which include representation in State and Federal audits as well as Debt Negotiations.

How to Significantly (and Legally) Reduce Your Taxes

The Development of Business Plans and Strategy

A solid business plan is needed in many stages of the life of a business. We can assist in the formation, revision and review of your business plans and strategies to ensure your plan is based on sound, and legal, principles.

Kreamer Law Can Help With

Business Creation & Planning

Business Creation & Planning

Merger, Acquisition and Sales

Merger, Acquisition & Sales

Contract Negotiation & Preparation

Contract Negotiation & Preparation

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