Secure Transactions and the Dangers of Blanket Liens

At the I-NEDA annual conference Sam Kreamer discussed some of the dangers that occur when blanket liens are involved in transactions. (Click to view PowerPoint)

5 Tax Mistakes That Startups Make

Sam Kreamer was recently quoted in this article from concerning tax items start-ups often overlook. (read the full article)

As an Employer, What Must You Pay Your Employees

This article explores two common questions we receive: 1.) How much must I pay my W-2 employees?; and 2.) Must I pay my employees overtime? (read the full article)

When You Die, Your Crops Don’t Have To

In this article, we explore three reasons why putting this farm in a family farm limited liability company is a good idea. (read the full article)

Divorce and the Closely-Held Business

What happens if you own a business with your significant other and subsequently get divorced? (read the full article)

Equipment Dealer-Manufacturer Laws

What people need to know about equipment dealer-manufacturer laws. These are notes from a presentation Sam made on November 19,2013 at INEDA’s Annual Meeting. (read the full article)

INEDA Spotlight: Kreamer Law Firm

A recent spotlight article was written by I.N.E.D.A. about Kreamer Law Firm. (read the full article)

Picking an Executor

One of the tough estate planning questions is who should be the executor. Consideration should be given to the duties, liabilities and qualifications of the individual selected. (read the full article)

How is Your Business Like Your Car, House, Family and Friends?

If you don’t properly maintain your car, it will ultimately stop running. If you don’t properly maintain your house it physically deteriorates. If you don’t maintain a positive relationship with your family and friends, eventually they will go away. (read the full article)

Cyclones Honor 15-year Non-Compete Agreement

From 1983 to 1997, the Iowa Hawkeyes Football Team did not have an enforceable non-compete agreement against the Iowa State Cyclones Football Team – it just seemed that way.

Without fail, Sam and I always get questions regarding the enforceability of covenants not to compete (also known as a non-compete agreement, or “NCA”) in employment contracts. It is a common misconception that NCAs are unenforceable and, as a result, harmless for employees to concede to and useless for employers to insist upon.

In fact, Iowa courts regularly enforce NCAs. As a result, a well-drafted NCA is a very important tool for every employer to consider. (read the full article)

Iowa Academy of Trust and Estate Counsel

The Iowa Academy of Trust and Estate Counsel frequently publishes articles. Click here to read them!


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